Friday, November 2, 2007

Not You Too

My disdain for is well known and documented, but I am not the only one. More and more lately I have gone to to get my sports news and scores. Especially on my iphone and the safari browser, it is just easier to navigate to get scores than espn, which sometimes usually doesnt even seem to realize games are going on.

But today, i kind of got sick to my stomach, right on the homepage of sportsline was a countdown to the Patriots vs Colts regular season game. This may have been there for a while, i dont know. Seriously, this is a regular season game, in week 9 of a 16 game season, its not the Superbowl, or even the AFC championship, its a regular season game. Vegas has the game with a 6 point spread, so not even that close of a game (that has more to do with people betting, but still).

Can someone please tell me a good place to get sports news and scores, please.

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