Wednesday, September 12, 2007

ESPN is No Longer the WWL

I remember when i used to rely on for my sports information, then over the last couple years the former World Wide Leader has gone downhill (well documented everywhere so wont provide links). I did not think it could get worse after its "who's now" But, I think they may have taken the cake with this, after every week of the NFL, espn does their Power Rankings. Guess who #4 is, I will give you 8 guesses (assuming most people would take the teams that won first, then teams that lost in close games second, or the inherent fact that the AFC is better than the NFC) Go ahead make your guesses, now see the Top 10.

Right there Number 4, best team in the NFC the Bears, who looked pathetic on offense. The Bears who lost one of their best defenders, and a second defender. I understand if that was a preseason game and these were preseason rankings, but does espn really think the Bears are the 4th best team in the league. Almost as shocking is the Ravens at 7th despite a loss, 6 turnovers, and several key injuries. I am not sure why I even go to anymore. I wish would go the way of Page 3.

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D.A.F. said...

If you think that is bad you should see Dr. Z has the Tennessee Titans at #4. Somehow, he managed to look stupider than espn.